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    SAS with capital of 86 000 €
    ZA Sud Essor
    5, rue Marcel Laloyeau
    91150 - Brières Les Scellés
    T. +33(0)1 69 92 90 99
    Fax +33(0)1 60 80 15 58
    Mail info@marline.fr

    R.C. SIRET 382 959 039 00043
    APE 4671Z
    N° T.V.A : FR 11 382959039

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Created in 1954, MARLINE packs and markets since 60 years ready to use gasoline blends and fuels in containers suitable for all types of use, for both consumers and professionals, for a safe storage.
On average, more than 30 000 liters are daily produced and delivered.

MARLINE is N°1 in both the rental of construction equipment market and in the DIY stores market. Those leading positions are the best guarantee of MARLINE products' quality.

MARLINE made and packed two sorts of products, specifically suitable for 2 Stroke Engine and 4 Stroke Engine in tools used in gardening and construction tasks.

made with Alkylate Fuel(benzene free)
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